Nectar Flavor Spotlight: Double Stuffed Cookie

A sweet tooth can cause you to think of nothing else until that craving gets satisfied. There’s a healthier option to consider instead of finding the cookie aisle at the local store or snagging a candy bar.

Syntrax offers an entire lineup of different whey protein isolate flavors to enjoy. You can get the essentials you need for weight loss, surgery recovery, or general fitness while having something that offers a reminder of the comfort foods everyone loves.

Syntrax Nectar Double Stuffed Cookie offers a high-quality whey protein isolate shake that provides a delicious and nutritious experience. Although it’s the only flavor in the Nectar lineup that isn’t gluten-free, you can still achieve specific goals with this zero-fat, low-carb product.

Each serving of Double Stuffed Cookie provides 23g of Promina whey protein isolate. Chocolate cookie pieces are the second ingredient!

What to Expect with the Double Stuffed Cookie Experience?

The problem with many dessert-themed protein shakes involves the flavor hype. Consumers have one expectation, but they receive another after using the product for the first time.

That’s because we have expectations of what a sugary dessert experience is like because of how we’ve enjoyed those flavors previously.

Imagine that you’re biting into an Oreo® cookie right now. You can taste the chocolatey crunch and the creamy middle, right?

Even if you pull the cookie apart to lick the middle first, there’s still that hint of each flavor touching your tongue. This Nectar flavor is sometimes compared to that experience. You get the benefit of having a lactose-free product that dissolves quickly and mixes well, avoiding the grainy chunks that competitive brands can deliver.

You can use Double Stuffed Cookie as your regular protein shake, for a quick energy pick-me-up, or to supplement your nutritional needs in other ways. In return, you’ll have something that can stop a sweet tooth craving without feeling (as) guilty!