5 Flavors You’ll Want to Try This Summer

Syntrax Nectar, a whey isolate protein powder helps you build muscles and fuel your body for those intense, summer workouts. A little extra protein can help give your body the nutrients it needs to pack on muscle, so you can look and feel great.

When summer heat hits us full force those vital protein powders can lose their appeal. Heavy chocolate or vanilla flavors are great for chilly winter workouts, but during the summer that milky beverage doesn’t often sit well in the stomach. Instead of convincing yourself you really want to drink a huge glass of milk packed with chalky flavors, it’s time to take a look at other options. Recent innovation has allowed for a new range of exotic and refreshing whey powders that will leave you feeling ready for an adventure — not a nap

Fuzzy Navel

Syntrax Nectar Protein Powders have a variety of unique flavors that will put a tangy summer twist on your post-workout drink routine. If your workout starts at the first kiss of dawn, you may like the Fuzzy Navel flavor. It makes the perfect replacement for a morning glass of orange juice. You’ll be getting 23 grams of protein, and zero fat or carbs. A favorite for those who are trying to tune-up their bodies this summer, and those who are maintaining what they’ve already worked hard to create.

Wild Grape

For a kool-aid like impression, try the Wild Grape flavor. This refreshing flavor is perfect for children, and adults who want a little sweet treat without any of the guilt. Take yourself back in time with this nostalgic flavor, without skimping on any of the nutrients in your protein drink.

Apple Ecstasy

Candy is typically frowned upon when you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, but if you dream of jolly ranchers you’ll love the Apple Ecstasy flavor. Sweet, green apple flavor tastes just like a jolly rancher, but just like all the other drinks there are no added sugars. It just tastes naughty.

Crystal Sky

No summer is complete without a glass of fruit punch at a party or simply while enjoying the sunset. If you love this summer classic, try the Crystal Sky flavor. Modeled to taste like the iconic fruit punch we all know and love, it still has all the protein and none of the carbs you’ll find in many other protein powders.

Strawberry Kiwi

To round up our list of summer flavors, strawberry kiwi flavor provides a refreshing blast that will leave you feeling satisfied. Make your own tropical smoothies, and taste victory after every workout in this distinct flavor.

Summer is a wonderful time for getting fit and staying active. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or pushing yourself to the very limits, you’ll find these whey powder drinks a welcome change from the stale options at your local nutrition store. Taste summer itself with these summer flavors, and enjoy every delicious drop knowing they are a guilt-free addition to your workout routine. If you’re bored of the standard flavors, you’re going to love changing your routine with these new protein powders, as good straight out of the jar as they are in your cup.