Nectar Flavor Spotlight: Fuzzy Navel

If you are partial to a glass of orange juice in the morning, then Syntrax Fuzzy Navel is the perfect flavor to try. You’ll receive the classic tones of citrus dancing on your tongue as you enjoy an incredible 23g of protein with a full scoop serving.

You won’t find any added sugar with this protein shake flavor, although you can barely tell at all. It isn’t thick like other products on the market today. It delivers the nutrition you need after bariatric surgery without providing any carbs or fat that could be problematic to your current nutritional plan.

That means you can enjoy all of the flavors of your favorite morning drink without spiking your blood sugar with a massive dose of concentrated simple sugars.

The delicious combination of tartness and sweetness retains a lot of the zest you can taste in citrus-based baked goods without the bitterness. Each sip works to refresh the palate so that you feel energized to conquer the next task on your to-do list.

If you allow the flavor to linger on your tongue for just a moment, there’s a faint hint of peaches and lemon that you’ll detect as well. You’ll enjoy the consistent and refreshing results every time you need to put a little zing into your morning routine.

Don’t settle for bland pretenders if you enjoy the complex flavors of a Fuzzy Navel. When you choose Syntrax, you’re choosing the best.